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Racing with picobello

My name is Rafael ‘Picobello’ Gwizdak and I am 13 years old. I was born in Spain, however my family is quite multicultural, my father is Polish and my mother comes from Brazil. For the last 12 years, I have lived in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland where I attend 7th grade.

I speak fluently 4 languages (Polish, Portuguese, German and English) and additionally I study French at school.
My biggest hobby since I can remember is motorization and motorsports. Hence, since I turned 4, I started driving a go-kart during my holidays in Poland. Later, when I turned 8, I started racing in indoor karting competitions.

4 years ago, I tried racing outdoor (sports karting) and now I regularly participate in official races.

Picture of Rafael with go-kart


indoor karting

Season 2016

Participated in indoor racing series called Schwarzwald Cup (Germany)

Season 2017

5th place in Schwarzwald Cup and 3rd place in Swiss Karting League (Switzerland)

Season 2018

1st place in series called LKM (Leihkartmeisterschaft) and 3rd place in Swiss Karting League

Picture of Rafael Gwizdak with trophies

Int'l level

Season 2020

Euro Trophy Rotax in Wackersdorf, Germany. My international debut – category Rotax Junior Max

ROK CUP Superfinal in Franciacorta, Italy.    My international debut – category ROK Junior

Season 2021

Rotax Max Challenge Austria – 6th place in Rechnitz

national level

(Season 2019

1st place in Polish Championship (team ranking) and 10th place in Polish championship individually as well as taking part in ROK Cup Poland

Season 2020

Debut in Junior category and participating in multiple races in the series ROK Cup and Rotax

Season 2021

Rotax Max Challenge Switzerland. After 2 races (Franciacorta IT and Wohlen CH), I am holding 2nd place in classification. 4 more races to go


Sport profile


My racing kart: Exprit


Race series and engine type: Rotax


Mechanic and coach: Lukasz Kiwior (Karting Polish Champion in 2012)


Favorite racing team: Scuderia Ferrari


Favorite track: Wackersdorf, Germany


Other sports I practice: handball, kickboxing, ice hockey

Picture of Rafael Gwizdak

My Training

hard work pays off 

Becoming great at any sport takes hard work and dedication. It is without any exceptions that all professional drivers need to practice and become masters of their technique in order to move to the next level. This training can take many forms and can be combined with other sports.

Picture of Rafael Gwizdak while kickboxing


Kickboxing training helps me with my focus, strength, reflex and flexibility.

Picture of Rafael Gwizdak bicycling


Bicycling builds my endurance and strength, and it’s super exciting.

Picture of Rafael Gwizdak playing hockey


Hockey is a fast game that keeps me out of trouble in winter. Speed and controlled falling on to the ice help me to avoid major injuries during karting racing.

what They’re Saying

Sponsors’ Testimonials

Rafael is a very talented kid with true passion for go-karts and racing. It’s been a real pleasure following his progress and successes. It’s so important to help young people cultivate their interests and help them achieve their goals.

P.J. Moskal, sponsor


EPM Data is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Rafael Gwizdak, a very talented and ambitious young kart driver. We are looking forward to following his development in the upcoming years.

Christoph Sommer, sponsor



upcoming races

rotax germany

8-11 July 2021, Mülsen, Germany

rotax poland

5-8 August 2021, Słomczyn, Poland

rotax switzerland

12-15 August 2021, Lévier, France

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